Climbing Teams

The Academy offers climbing team practice for different ages and skill levels.

All Academy athletes are part of the same Academy Team, however, we divide practices and pricing by the group they work together in.

See below for Group-specific information, and contact for any questions or to sign your athlete up.


Ninja Cats | Ages 5-7 | Beginner

4:30pm - 6:00pm

Ninja cats is our introductory team for young athletes. Learn the skills to be a strong and confident climber. Geared towards athletes from ages 5-7 with one and one half hour practices occurring once weekly. During Ninja Cat practices our coaches emphasize safety and teamwork, in a fun group environment. Ninja Cats prepares athletes with the skills needed to move into Group A at age 8.

Group A | Ages 8-12 | Beginner

9am – 11am

Group A meets every week on Saturday mornings to learn the fundamentals of rock climbing. Athletes will focus on learning how to make standard rock climbing movements instinctually, building up their Toolbox of techniques and problem solving, and having fun through climbing related games. We give our athletes a foundation for climbing that builds strength, body awareness, and confidence.

Group B | Ages 12-19 | Intermediate

4pm – 7pm
9am – 12am

Group B meets for two practices each week to practice rock climbing and explore the sport together. Athletes will be challenged to think about what makes climbing so engaging for them, and practice setting goals to guide their own climbing journey. Athletes can attend one or both practices.


Junior Group C | Ages 12-15 | Advanced – Elite

Mondays and Thursdays

(elective) Tuesdays

Group C | Ages 15-19 | Advanced – Elite

Tuesdays and Thursdays
5:30pm – 8:30pm

2pm – 5pm

If you are an experienced climber and have ambition to perform in a competition setting, then Group C or Junior Group C is for you. Group C and Junior Group C are geared for athletes who participate in the USA Climbing Competition Series. Group C is our competition team for athletes in the Youth B, A, and Junior Categories, while junior Group C is our competition team for our athletes in the Youth C, and D categories.

Group C is structured to build athletes skills in, physical, technical, and mental aspects of climbing. We hold a strong focus on achieving personal goals, using goals to provide direction to our athlete’s journey in climbing. Our coaches plan a curriculum that combines, technical drills, mock competitions, physical training, mental exercises, and many other activities. We challenge our athletes to work on their weaknesses and embrace healthy ways to deal with failure.

Junior Group C holds two, three-hour practices per week. Group C holds three, three-hour practices per week.


Ninja Cats $80/month
Group A $100/month
Group B $150-280/month
Junior Group C $280-400/month
Group C $400/month

Drop-in Practice available. Price varies per team. Contact ASAP beforehand.
Private lessons At a rate of $25/half hour.

†All prices subject to sales tax